Thursday, February 10, 2011

Robust Vanilla Porter all up in my mouth.

Remember that Porter I made in my firstish post? Lets discuss its qualities! I've had a long day of brewing and cleaning and not nearly enough drinking.
Dark as the bloody night! 

Appearance-A healthy, deep black with a nice fluffy cream colored head that dissipates slowly. Completely opaque, with subtle deep ruby hues whenever light has the chance to sneak through.

Aroma-Smooth vanilla aroma, followed by hints of chocolate and coffee. After swirling, there is some heavy caramel notes that slide in and some slight, slight, slight fusel (hot alcohol notes).

Mouthfeel-Light carbonation that dances in the mouth. Not a heavy body at all. Thin, in other words. Still is a bit watery. Either needs more body in the recipe OR (hopefully) more time in the bottle so everything can meld together all sexy like.

Taste-Some vanilla notes right up front. The 6.9% of the brew hits the back of your throat before any malt flavor does. Malt notes are still very slight, but there is some roastiness/coffeeness that is barely there. Definitely needs more malt flavor to come through. There is some slight hope notes also on the back of the tongue that you would only notice if you knew what kind where in there (Styrian Goldings). When swallowing there is some nice vanilla that runs down your throat followed by some warming alcohol then finished with a spritz of carbonation.

Drinkability-Very, very drinkable. You don't even notice the 7% alcohol that this bad boy has. A couple of these will get you loose in a hurry. And by loose I mean willing to have sex with people you wouldn't normally have sex with. Pretty good mouthfeel and great tastes. So far this has been, hands down, my favorite home-brew to drink. I will be brewing this guy right at the end of summer when its time.

Want the recipe? Get it here.

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